Link to “He Gets Us Exposed: The Money and Marketing behind the $20 Million SuperBowl Ads”

False-TeachingLink to a must-read article for all serious Bible-believing Christians – do not throw away your money and beware of the false doctrines being promoted in this, “He Gets Us” campaign.

“In attempting to brand Jesus as rebellious, radical, and anti-establishment, the He Gets Us campaign, initiated by the Servant Foundation, is going to squander what they forecast to be a billion dollars by 2025 on a puerile advertising campaign that misapplies Scripture and slanders Christ. Moreover, it is reliant upon pro-abortion creatives, Mormons, and apostates to create a presentation that will fail to lead people to Christ. God’s word does not come back void, but one must utilize Scripture for this to be true.” 

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) While watching or attending sporting events in America, the people have become exposed to the He Gets Us campaign. Whether via commercials or through stadium advertising, messages about Jesus are presented in the most trifling manner with banal statements like “Jesus left it all on the field” to more unscriptural statements like “Jesus was a refuge” and “Jesus was fed up with politics, too” in vain attempts to make Jesus more relatable to a modern audience….

In reality, the modern connotation surrounding the word “refugee” along with the images of the campaign wrongly relate Jesus, who sojourned (to pass through) in Egypt for a brief stay, to illegal immigrants, who are not refugees by definition, crossing the border and taking advantage of American welfare. This is just the tip of the iceberg for the theological problems surrounding He Gets Us, as they also do not affirm the perfect deity of Christ.

Over the years, Superbowl ads have become rife with Hollywood personalities and social engineering agendas. Since it remains the largest audience for any given broadcast, it demands premium dollars from advertisers. When exposed to these advertisements, many Americans take to the internet to research what exactly is He Gets Us. They are asking questions concerning who is behind it and why they spent around $20 million on two Superbowl ads.

Ultimately, He Gets Us is another attempt at social agenda being imposed by its theologically apostate and even unbelieving benefactors who desire the most improvident “rebrand” of Jesus ever concocted. View article →


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