No Rapture, Snares!

Armageddon —fulfilled? or Still to Come

By Kathy Beardsley – (revised 3/30/2022) We as imperfect human beings are vulnerable to being carried away with issues steeped in emotion. That, coupled with the mystery of something not fully understood is often sensationalized which in turn influences those who tend to gravitate toward such things. For many Christians however, these types of feelings […]

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Devotions, Messages

Christians are Scarcely Saved!?

Thoughts this morning March 17th, 2021 If “… the righteous scarcely be saved…” What does this say to us today Christians? As many live affluently seeking to gain more things, with no worries of tomorrow yet we as Christians are we different? Do we know the sufferings of Christ? Do we know anything of pain […]

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