It is Not About Race but the Blood of the Crucified One!


It is not about race, sex or anything else for that matter if you say you love Jesus Christ!

Some in our society would set us against each other, 
While we should be about showing the need to be washed in the Blood! 
The blood of the Crucified One!

Simple? It is not! But must be done, so hearts can be won! 
It must be done if we in Christ are to be one!

Those teaching Critical Race Theory are out to pick fights and stir the pot, 
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will not bring us together but set us further apart! 
Communist Marxist ways to divide and conquer to split us down to smaller pieces,
Overwhelm us with hate filled nonsense, 
Make slaves of some who have never been slaves,
Create racism where none exists – while we are in bondage to many sins!

What must be done is that we fervently love one another as Christ loves us! 
Love is what can truly conquer! Yes, nothing says the bed of roses is without its thorns, 
but we must overcome! There is victory in Jesus! There is victory in the Blood!

What the world doesn’t understand is that it is blinded to the God of this world, 
That oldest deceiver has a new cloak, with CRT and DEI! 
So much subtilty, mixed with so many leftist lies! 
It is another deception from the real crucifier!

But for those of us washed in the Blood we know the truth, 
We know the greatest love that conquers all, 
We know no deception is past His understanding! 

Through Jesus we will overcome, of that I have NO doubts! 
Through the red blood of the Son of God who gave His life for me! 
That is the only color I care anything about today!

Through the blood of the crucified One! 
May through this simple prose may He open your eyes! 
May through the Holy Spirit you discover you are on the wrong side!

Who is on the Lord’s side?
Who will dare today to speak the truth of the One who showed the way? 
Who will openly proclaim the one path to true freedom from the lies taught today!? 
Who will dare to speak against this deception set up to tear us apart?

Look to Heaven, this world doesn’t hold the answers! 
Look to the One who will stick closer than a brother, 
Look to the Son of God, 
Look to the Blood of the Crucified One! 
He only can set your troubled heart at ease, 
Jesus, the Crucified One!

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