Albert Mohler and Rick Warren Together?

Confusing messages to any discerning Christians! Albert Mohler and Rick Warren together is not the message Dr. Mohler should be sending! The Bible says, Amos 3:3 “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” Has Rick Warren suddenly changed his purpose driven ways? I don’t think so! Apprising Ministries: AL MOHLER AND SBTS EXECUTIVE TEAM […]

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Messages, New Age, No Rapture

Earning a Dis-Honorary Degree of Plagiarism – I Hereby Recognize Dr. Chuck Missler

From the out of this world Ufology, giants (Nephilim) and other weird theology here comes the biggest whopper yet! I already questioned the teachings of Chuck Missler preaching a pretribulational rapture (among others), Ufology, giant Nephilim add now that Dr. Chuck Missler commits the unpardonable sin of plagiarism!  Quoting the online Merriam Webster Dictionary  Plagiarize/Plagiarizing: […]

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