Earning a Dis-Honorary Degree of Plagiarism – I Hereby Recognize Dr. Chuck Missler

From the out of this world Ufology, giants (Nephilim) and other weird theology here comes the biggest whopper yet! I already questioned the teachings of Chuck Missler preaching a pretribulational rapture (among others), Ufology, giant Nephilim add now that Dr. Chuck Missler commits the unpardonable sin of plagiarism!

 Quoting the online Merriam Webster Dictionary  Plagiarize/Plagiarizing:
– to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own : use (another’s production) without crediting the source
– to commit literary theft : present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source

Hey but what’s a little plagiarism among friends!? But what friends!? Is it just a little plagiarism!? Many caught in the act of such things have stepped down from positions of leadership in shame – because it is most often a deliberate act to commit a fraud! This is one big example of such a fraud as Dr. Chuck Missler plagiarized a bona fide New Ager Michael Talbot!  No, it is not a little plagiarism but a boatload of it as you will see with more than a dozen examples of almost word for word theft by Dr. Chuck Missler!

Herescope Without Attribution – Purloining New Age Ideas

Tag teaming at times in the past together with Chuck Missler is another reviewed and warned about at our Biblical Discernment Ministries site, triple divorcee Hal Lindsey. I find it amazing how true the cliché is that birds of the feather flock together. The same can be said of Missler and the growing list of mystic nitwits promoting damnable false doctrines! Add now that Missler is directly bringing the New Age teachings of Michael Talbot into the church disguised in his invented pseudoscience.

I hereby recognize Chuck Missler’s Dis-honorary Doctorate of Plagiaristic Methods with an emphasis of New Age Thought by the Disreputable Nitwit University of Going Nowhere! May your shame be a lesson to any others peddling such lies as God’s truth!


Sadness is: biblical discernment found wanting,
Especially in people you once thought wise.
Ridiculous claims in spiritual matters,
Include Nephilim, Mars, and other fantasized lies.
Open your mind to the real world they say,
Universal oneness accepts everyone who tries.
Scripture has no part because it’s God’s Holy Word;
Light, exposing all that darkness defies.
Yield to God’s Word; His truth will open your eyes!
Poem by Kathy Beardsley, Copyright 2013

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