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Part 7A of Fake Prophets – of Herescope’s Excellent Series

Part A: The ReAwaken America Tour – Excerpt: Introduction: INTO THE PANDEMIC VACUUM  “Over the past two years, citizens around the planet have been thrust into a veritable dystopian dark world that rivals any best-selling suspense novel or blockbuster movie. Panic, fear, and hysteria have swept every nation on Earth as the media seers incessantly project […]

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In Time Magazine – Senior Pastor Brian Houston Gives “Stamp of Approval” to Noah – Why!?

What is worse? Hollywood making their millions off of those proclaiming to be Christians or those considered ‘Christian’ leaders helping Hollywood to make millions off of Christians? One of those Hollywood helping Christian leaders who recently caught my attention is Brian Houston of Hillsong. Why Houston? Well we stumbled onto a Time Magazine article, Films […]

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Earning a Dis-Honorary Degree of Plagiarism – I Hereby Recognize Dr. Chuck Missler

From the out of this world Ufology, giants (Nephilim) and other weird theology here comes the biggest whopper yet! I already questioned the teachings of Chuck Missler preaching a pretribulational rapture (among others), Ufology, giant Nephilim add now that Dr. Chuck Missler commits the unpardonable sin of plagiarism!  Quoting the online Merriam Webster Dictionary  Plagiarize/Plagiarizing: […]

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Herescope – Flying Saucers and “Interdimensional Visitors” A New Cosmology for the Church – Part 3

A New Article from Herescope today that I highly recommend, Flying Saucers and “Interdimensional Visitors” A New Cosmology for the Church Part 3 – Alien Encounters: A Book Review As I read through Missler’s re-hash of all of the most familiar UFO incidents, it seemed strange that “conspiracy” and “cover-up” were his constant theme.[89] Why […]

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