Part 7A of Fake Prophets – of Herescope’s Excellent Series

HerescopePart A: The ReAwaken America Tour – Excerpt: Introduction: INTO THE PANDEMIC VACUUM 

“Over the past two years, citizens around the planet have been thrust into a veritable dystopian dark world that rivals any best-selling suspense novel or blockbuster movie. Panic, fear, and hysteria have swept every nation on Earth as the media seers incessantly project a looming threat of disease, death, and prolonged isolation. They have transmitted their fear porn on every news report, propaganda special, and social media alert. The real peril of universal lockdowns, shutdowns, and tyrannical mandates has squashed personal autonomy and individual freedoms for earthlings of every walk of life worldwide. Perhaps most frightening of all, is the ubiquitous information censorship for those who question the mainline narratives, and legitimately fear the massive overreach of Big Tech, Big Government, and Big Business, who demonize, cancel, or muzzle dissenters. 

The culture had shifted, sometimes forcibly, and Christians have been feeling the brunt of it. These ominous trends create a burgeoning pursuit for truth, direction, freedom and hope—which is ultimately only found in the Lord Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, these crushing developments also give rise to false prophet$ and prophete$$e$con$piracy theorist$, and prophecy mongerer$. Christian believers are being deceived, manipulated, and exploited. Simultaneously many believers are also being persecuted—the assaults are coming from all sides. It is a time that calls for believers to pray for discernment and wisdom, and to stand fast on God’s Word.” (Click here to read to complete article)
Link to Part 7B Fake Revival
“The focus of these reports is on our spiritual concerns (the Church), not the political issues (the State). Yet, for the past several years the State has been doing things that directly impacted the Church and this has provoked a response. 
We commenced a deep dive into researching the multiple unfolding political crises here in America and investigated how they were intersecting with Church matters. We were particularly intent to discover what is true factually versus what is false, spin, and narrative. The research was daunting due to the suppression of documentation and the clamp down on alternative voices across all of the political spectrum.[1] The very act of critically expressing a different point of view is now deemed suspicious. We learned that fact-checkers are acting as fact suppressors. And we learned that conspiracy has been redefined to mean anything that falls outside the State-certified, Tech-sanctioned narratives. As someone cynically pointed out, Noah was a conspiracy theorist until it started raining.” (Click here to read to complete article)

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