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Part 7A of Fake Prophets – of Herescope’s Excellent Series

Part A: The ReAwaken America Tour – Excerpt: Introduction: INTO THE PANDEMIC VACUUM  “Over the past two years, citizens around the planet have been thrust into a veritable dystopian dark world that rivals any best-selling suspense novel or blockbuster movie. Panic, fear, and hysteria have swept every nation on Earth as the media seers incessantly project […]

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Beware of Faux Historian David Barton!?

Before you use any material from so-called historian David Barton, think about looking for another resource. Barton has a ‘history’ of getting history wrong… and sorry to say that is the tip of the iceberg with this fellow who is often quoted as a scholarly resource. As recently as this past month, I have seen […]

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Have Those Down Under Forgotten What Hillsong Is? – Link to Church Watch Central

Alarming progress by those connected or part of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)! Excerpt from: Has Hillsong conquered the Australian Government/Law Mountain? Scott Morrison becomes Prime Minister For decades Australian media has portrayed Hillsong as a prosperity or word of faith cult. As former members once involved in Australia’s biggest cult, we know this is not an accurate […]

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Dr. John MacArthur States Brian McLaren and Rob Bell ARE NOT Christians! Hear for Yourself and Why!

Shared on Apprising Ministries from World View Weekend (other links and MP3 currently available): “JOHN MACARTHUR COMMENTS ON LINKING WITH NAR HERETICS TO RECLAIM AMERICA : Apprising Ministries Apprising Ministries has been covering this kind of increasing syncretism going on within contemporary evangelicalism. So I now bring you this exclusive audio clip of John MacArthur on […]

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