Beware of Faux Historian David Barton!?

Before you use any material from so-called historian David Barton, think about looking for another resource. Barton has a ‘history’ of getting history wrong… and sorry to say that is the tip of the iceberg with this fellow who is often quoted as a scholarly resource. As recently as this past month, I have seen a number of Christians I respect using Barton as a reference – my advice don’t do it! Parts of Barton’s work (attempting to revise American history for example) has in part been proven false, he is buddies with a variety of heretics/charlatans such as Kenneth Copeland and a list of others.

In my opinion, there is plenty of documentation showing Barton to be a fraud along with those you see him with on TV such as TBN, or hear him together with Mormon Glen Beck – who Barton considers a brother in Christ!




Here is one of the latest articles addressing Barton:

David Barton Appears on Jim Bakker’s Program, Does Prophecy and Dream Interpretation

For more of Barton’s escapades including his twist on American history see these articles:

Berean Research: David Barton prays an annointing on Glen Beck

Apprising Ministries: David Barton Controversy



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