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Left Behind with “The Chosen”!

Much has already been said opposing the series called The Chosen and until recently I have chosen to sit on the sidelines of the controversy surrounding it and its numerous Mormon connections (and numerous other issues). To argue that they are not partnered with Mormons in the production is to ignore the elephant in the […]

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Beware of Faux Historian David Barton!?

Before you use any material from so-called historian David Barton, think about looking for another resource. Barton has a ‘history’ of getting history wrong… and sorry to say that is the tip of the iceberg with this fellow who is often quoted as a scholarly resource. As recently as this past month, I have seen […]

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Berean Research: Baptist Scholar Says Mormonism Is Evolving Towards Christianity With “Biblical,” Views of “Christ and Salvation”

Below is a re-post from my good friends at Berean Research. When I originally saw the piece in a Prophecy News Watch email with a “Baptist” university professor saying Mormons are adopting more Christian doctrines, I said, “Oh really!?” Again, I was shocked that someone with a ‘doctorate’ from a Christian university was really that […]

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Mormons Are A Different Denomination?

According to Mormon Glenn Beck, “I share your faith. I am from a different denomination. And a denomination that I’m sure can make many people at Liberty uncomfortable—I’m a Mormon—but I share your faith in the atonement of the Savior Jesus Christ.” (source) To my Bible believing Christian readers, do you find this as offensive as […]

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