No Rapture, Snares!

Scofield’s Notes – New Book!

By Kathy Beardsley The notes in C. I. Scofield’s Study Bible have long been the teaching tool accompanying many pastor’s sermons. But these notes are not without error. I encourage you to get my book and find out why. Soon an eBook version will be released but for anyone interested here is a link to […]

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Enneagrams for Church!? – Another Very Bad Idea that Keeps Returning

Beware, the Enneagram is another trap for the unsuspecting non-discerning immature Christian! The Enneagram goes along the same path of the heretical emergent church movement, including contemplative meditation, Yoga, divination and more New Age practices. Enneagrams are NOT for Bible Believing Christians. See the links below for more on this topic by those who have […]

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Mormon, NAR, Snares!

Beware of Faux Historian David Barton!?

Before you use any material from so-called historian David Barton, think about looking for another resource. Barton has a ‘history’ of getting history wrong… and sorry to say that is the tip of the iceberg with this fellow who is often quoted as a scholarly resource. As recently as this past month, I have seen […]

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