Enneagrams for Church!? – Another Very Bad Idea that Keeps Returning

enneagramBeware, the Enneagram is another trap for the unsuspecting non-discerning immature Christian! The Enneagram goes along the same path of the heretical emergent church movement, including contemplative meditation, Yoga, divination and more New Age practices. Enneagrams are NOT for Bible Believing Christians.

See the links below for more on this topic by those who have researched this extensively and escape this snare growing again in popularity among churches. Please share to warn those who will listen!

The enneagram is really nothing new and has connections to the occult as well definitely something to mark and avoid!

From  the site – “Christian Answers for the New Age” –  Marcia Montenegro:

The Enneagram: Christian Authors 

The Enneagram: Fictions and Facts

The Enneagram GPS: Gnostic Path to Self

The Enneagram Has No Christian Origins

Enneagram Profile

The Enneagram, What About It?

From Herescope:

Evidence of an Evangelical Paradigm Shift

More links available within the articles above.

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