Forsaking the Assembling Means What!?

Forsaking the Assembling  [Emphasis in bold, and indented passages are taken from translator notes in the margins of the 1880’s KJV Sunday School Teacher’s Edition Bible, cross references, Strong’s definitions, and Greek or Hebrew Dictionaries.] Hebrews 10:16-27 16 “This is the covenant [new] that I will make with them after those days [old covenant], saith […]

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Berean Research: Baptist Scholar Says Mormonism Is Evolving Towards Christianity With “Biblical,” Views of “Christ and Salvation”

Below is a re-post from my good friends at Berean Research. When I originally saw the piece in a Prophecy News Watch email with a “Baptist” university professor saying Mormons are adopting more Christian doctrines, I said, “Oh really!?” Again, I was shocked that someone with a ‘doctorate’ from a Christian university was really that […]

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