Chaplaincy Programs Incompatible for Christians?

From Charlotte, NC on the Christian Post yesterday: Police Chaplains Told Not to Pray in Jesus’ Name Volunteer chaplains who serve the officers of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) in North Carolina have been told that they are no longer permitted to pray in the name of Jesus at public events. Typical ACLU! Before going […]

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Dr. John MacArthur States Brian McLaren and Rob Bell ARE NOT Christians! Hear for Yourself and Why!

Shared on Apprising Ministries from World View Weekend (other links and MP3 currently available): “JOHN MACARTHUR COMMENTS ON LINKING WITH NAR HERETICS TO RECLAIM AMERICA : Apprising Ministries Apprising Ministries┬áhas been covering this kind of increasing syncretism going on within contemporary evangelicalism. So I now bring you this exclusive audio clip of John MacArthur on […]

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