Chaplaincy Programs Incompatible for Christians?

From Charlotte, NC on the Christian Post yesterday:

Police Chaplains Told Not to Pray in Jesus’ Name

Volunteer chaplains who serve the officers of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) in North Carolina have been told that they are no longer permitted to pray in the name of Jesus at public events.

Typical ACLU! Before going into any Chaplaincy program look and see if you are signing up to compromise your Christian faith! I know from my own experience in the Air Force over 20 years ago the military Chaplaincy was full of ecumenism and compromises – my advice was the same to them. I know there are independent Chaplain programs as missions of local Biblical churches whether Rock of Ages or another – if you are looking for a way to go. All I can say of the CMPD and others, if you want Christians do not ask them to stop praying in Jesus name! Glad the Chaplain in the article took the stand and declined to participate. More need to refuse to give into the subtle tyranny being perpetrated on us by the ACLU and their ilk stripping the very civil liberties they should protect!

In many shapes, in our own land, we are tempted to yield-up the completeness of our faith, or withhold our testimony against error; but in any form and from any quarter, this temptation is always to be resisted as we would resist Satan himself. We have no more right to give up truth than to give away our master’s property. Trimming and temporising, amable silence, and unfaithful compromises are treason to God, and are devices of the devil to obtain space, and place for the propagation of falsehood; of which he is the father, but decision for truth sees through the enemy’s craft, and disdains to yield him so much as a single inch of vantage ground. Charity is a virtue, and so also is decision; and the one must never override the other, or it ceases to be true charity. When believers are stedfast in the truth they impress their age with a respect for their faith, but when they vacillate and yield up their principles the world neither respects them nor their religion. (From Charles Haddon Spurgeon, 1866 Sword and the Trowel, Simon the Pedlar)

Hope this helps some along the way!

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