Another Book Sweeping Christendom – The Harbinger – Is it Recommended Reading?

The latest book sweeping through churches and more, The Harbinger, is it recommended reading? No. The review from Apprising Ministries by Pastor Ken Silva? Yes!


Don’t get sucked into the latest fad book going around pretending to replace the Word of God! Here at Truth with Snares we seen this sort of thing many times over the years just a few reminders linked from the old Biblical Discernment Ministry site here as a reminder:

Left Behind Series, The (Tim LaHaye & Jerry Jenkins) (1/05)

Shack, The (William P. Young) (2/09)

This Present Darkness (Frank Peretti) (6/95)

So save your money read your Bible and support your local church with it and help to get the Word out to those who really need it!

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