Is the Pretribulation Rapture Biblical?

We felt this article goes together well with our posts on the topic and with all of the growing talk on prophecy:

Link to: Is the Pretribulation Rapture Biblical? – by Brian M. Schwertley

One excerpt go to the link above for the entire piece:Although the pretribulation rapture doctrine is very popular and is even considered so crucial to Christianity that it is made a test of a person’s orthodoxy in some denominations, Bible colleges and seminaries, the exegetical and theological arguments used by its advocates are all classic cases of forcing one’s theological presuppositions onto particular texts (eisegesis). The purpose of this brief study is to show that the pretribulation rapture theory is not plainly taught or directly stated in any place in Scripture, cannot be deduced from biblical teaching, contradicts the general teaching of the Bible regarding Christ’s second coming and was never taught in any branch of the church prior to 1830.” (Brian M. Schwertley)

For more supporting this here with Truth With Snares:


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