Leading Southern Baptists Reversing the Protestant Reformation!?

What in the world are these so called leaders doing? LEADING SOUTHERN BAPTISTS ATTEMPTING TO REVERSE THE PROTESTANT REFORMATION – Apprising Ministries Whether you are talking about Kay Arthur, Charles Stanley, Rick Warren, Billy Graham, or Beth Moore… and the list goes on! Kay Arthur Tells Charles Stanley About When God Spoke To Her and Southern Baptist […]

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Shameful! – Church Sparks Outrage With Claim Jesus Should “Come Out”

The things some do to promote their chosen sin/behavior – how about a little holiday outrage? Church Sparks Outrage With Claim Jesus Should “Come Out” – Apprising Ministries He writes concerning the picture at the top of this page, “Reverend claims controversial billboard is mean to ‘lift’ humanity of Jesus.” Yeah, the Incarnation of Christ; […]

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So Who is Santa Claus?

Santa Claus or “Father Christmas” is a corruption of the Dutch “Sant Nikolaas.” (“Saint Nicholas” was the 4th century Catholic bishop of Myra in Asia Minor, who gave treats to children; he was canonized by the Roman Catholic Church, “regarded as a special friend and protector of children.” The red suit comes from the fact […]

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