Mommies and Daddies – Don’t Let Your Children Grow Up To Be Reprobates!

ChildrenSo many of today’s teachers are not bringing us the unadulterated Word of God,
But something else!
Time to take notice, the fun and games are not games anymore for the kids,
As sin is not spoken of,
The truth is washed over with a host of cute platitudes,
Our music is oft compared to the world that we must live,
And parents that have standards are ridiculed as too rigid not leaving room for the liberty we have in Christ.

Who are these teachers our kids are following?
What stories are they being told?
Are they the ways of a Holy God or the ‘g’od of this world?
Will your child grow up to become a reprobate?
Will he or she look up one day and despise you and mock you?
Will they become castaways, wondering stars for there is no hope?
Better to look to God now in all honesty,
Like an unbelieving spouse you cannot know you can save!
God knows our situation, your circumstance,
Lay it at the cross of Christ I know it is a burden I cannot alone bear!

Examine yourself and those who teach your kids!
Make sure you are set aright in the true faith,
Nor a reprobate!
Nothing but the way of Christ will do,
Dying to self and being made anew!
Repenting of sin and looking by faith to Him,
Begin again, and in Jesus find the gift of salvation is even yours and mine!

Don’t let your self be castaway, lost and alone!
Much less our precious ones not in Christ be found!
Pray for them daily, pray for them often whenever you think of them!
They are in our trust, even when they are grown,
Never give up hope even when hope seems like it is gone,
Just like us while they have breath who knows if God can turn them around?

Love them as Christ loves,
He gave Himself for you – can you do any less?
Romans 5:8 (KJV) “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

December 18th 2012
John A. Beardsley III

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