Are You Lingering In God’s Presence? – BEWARE!

Until recent days I never heard of a Lingering Conference nor did I realize the school associated to Dr. John MacArthur will have a booth at it. So I read and watched this article from Pastor Ken Silva.



“Then, the LC Vision Statement sounds much like IHOP itself as anyone who’s been involved with it can tell you. Lots of contemplative jargon like, ” ‘Lingering’ in the presence,” “transformed in the presence,” and “hunger for the presence,” in the same vein as apostate mystics like “Brother” Lawrence and Madame Guyon:

The vision and purpose of the Linger Conference is to impart the fundamental importance of remaining or “Lingering” in the presence of the King. Our attention span as a culture, even for spiritual matters, is measured in seconds and minutes rather than hours and days.

This conference offers the opportunity to be transformed in the presence of God by lingering in worship, prayer, meditation on scripture, and reflection. We hope to draw the attendance of lay people in addition to church staff and provide a conference environment where believers can linger in the presence of the Lord.

We pray that this conference will spark a hunger for the presence of God and a lifelong pursuit of beholding His Glory. (source)”

I wonder if anyone is picking up on that music that grows into a chant practically? I came out of the charismatic movement quickly as a young Christian *all I saw were the abuses of alleged gifts* and I FAST remembered the worship music there at an AOG church in Japan. How it was like shifting the gears of a car winding it out in 3rd then letting it rip into 4th. I had all sorts of tongues going on around me, one woman walking at first yelling Jesus, Jesus, Jesus with tears streaming and a couple more getting into it throwing themselves down on the front altar of the church. Then it got weirder as one jumped backwards slamming her head on the pew (hard wood) then getting right back up and back into the frenzy. This was my last service, I felt like an outsider because I was unaffected observing what I saw as total lunacy!

The music played on the IHOP clip from Apprising brought those memories from some 33 years back to flood into my mind! I do recall them from time to time but it was almost hypnotic, perhaps it was? This stuff takes it all to the next level into the babbling that some dare to call tongues and they are filled with some sort of spirit but I see nothing in scripture except for a demoniac that comes close!

I do not believe music is neutral and these people are leading with their music drawing youth away to something that seems energized and exciting – missing the real power of worship, of praise and prayer to the One True God! I really pray Dr. John MacArthur comes to his senses if he has heard about this lingering conference!

I pray none of us are deceived for a second about how dangerous this stuff is. Time to immerse more into God’s Pure, Holy and Perfect Word.

This is what I walk away from tonight after considering this and other professing Evangelicals befriending Mormons too — YUCK!


One thought on “Are You Lingering In God’s Presence? – BEWARE!

  1. One of my children asked if they could attend IHOP as many of their peers in church were attending and asked them to go. After much prayer and research concerning IHOP, we told our teenager a solid “no’ and gave the reasons we believed IHOP to be unscripturally sound.
    Praise God, the Holy Spirit, for His leading and His Wisdom.

    Many in our church, women in particular, believe they have had visions and audible voice visitations from god (a god.) One women said god told her to go into the pastor’s office and roar like a lion at him….and she did so. Another woman said she had been having dreams about me, then another woman also said she was having dreams about me; dreams and visions are often used to control and manipulate people to their will and not God’s will….so I responded by saying “I sure hope you are dreaming me thinner!”

    I was delievered out of a cultic church and recognize many of the tell taled signs of false doctrine, one of which is this….”Is your pastor have inappropriate closeness to many of the women in the church? Is the pastor soliciting special requests from adoring women in his church? Is your pastor pursuing married women under the radar in your church? is your pastor secretly lusting after women in your church (and he is married by the way.) Does your pastor preach on “the jezebel spirit” all the while having inappropriate sexual lusts within his own life?”

    One of the “signs” of a false preacher/teacher is sexual impropriety in your church and he should not be lording over people, nor preaching; this is in accordance with New Testament Scriptures regarding the characteristics of a pastor.

    The IHOP movement is a false move of a spirit disguised as the Holy Spirit, with their dominionist theology and ungodly lifestyles. Please keep your children away from this cult!

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