Franklin Graham Is A Chip Off The Old Block – Interview on TBN!?



Franklin Graham is a chip off the old block, and you may be sure that he will compromise as much or more than his father. (Biblical Discernment Ministries, August 1999)

I have wondered from time to time if I should continue the work of Biblical Discernment Ministries (BDM) by maintaining that somewhat dated website. Well thanks to Billy Graham’s son Franklin that question is answered again – yes! What is on BDM may be old, may have some material that appears irrelevant it is a picture of a date and time of what was going on in churches and with so called leaders. Many of these leaders are still in the business of false teaching and the contrast from 1999 to 2014 shows the meaning of Bible verses such as,

2 Timothy 3:13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

While this verse may seem very harsh to describe this latest act by Franklin Graham, I believe what is worse than your typical unbeliever is someone who claims to be a believer and makes a total mockery of Christianity. – Who does that better then TBN? TBN in my estimation is nothing a Bible believing Christian wants to be associated! Now we have notice of the son of the most well-known name in Evangelical Christianity Franklin Graham interviewed on TBN. (Online source Apprising Ministries)

Our BDM article on Billy Graham’s teachings has this to say in August 1999 about Franklin Graham,

In 1995, Billy Graham’s prodigal son Franklin, was named first vice chairman and eventual successor to his father’s crusade organization. Billy Graham will remain chairman and head preacher as long as he is able. Franklin wears jeans, boots, denim shirt, and leather jacket. He was a teen rebel who drank, smoked, fought, and led police on high-speed chases. He was kicked out of LeTourneau College. He will continue as director of Samaritan’s Purse and World Medical Mission, both social gospel organizations.

Early in June 1996, Franklin Graham, interviewed on CNBC, declared, “[W]hether it’s the Roman Catholic Church … the Orthodox Church …we’d all agree … it’s Jesus Christ who paid the penalty for sin.” That statement was tragically deceptive. Could Franklin, like his father, be unaware that Catholicism and Orthodoxy, while using the same Biblical words as evangelicals, mean something else? Franklin Graham told the Indianapolis Star(6/3/99) that his father’s longstanding ecumenical alliance with the Catholic Church and all other denominations, “was one of the smartest things his father ever did.” The charismatic Charisma magazine in 10/95 contained a 7-page article on Franklin Graham. They quoted him as saying, “I thank God for the warmth I see within many of the charismatic churches — their love for the Lord and love for the scriptures. …” He also said, “Probably (Samaritan’s Purse) largest base of support comes from the charismatic community.” He has referred to “Mother” Teresa as an “example of the woman God uses” (4/1/99, Calvary Contender).

Franklin Graham is a chip off the old block, and you may be sure that he will compromise as much or more than his father. Look for little change from the current ecumenical stance of the BGEA once Franklin takes over full time — or worse — Franklin Graham does not use his father’s word, “crusade,” but uses the secular seeker-sensitive word “festival” for his meetings. His 5/99 “festival” at the University of Alabama drew 50,000. The 5/13/99 Alabama Baptist listed some Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) performers, and said “contemporary Christian artist Steven Curtis Chapman had the young people rocking and singing on the coliseum floor. …” (Source: 6/15/99, Calvary Contender.)

I am sure there is more that can be said but suffice it to say TBN’s fleecing of the flock, ‘nuttier than thou’ hyper-charismatic hypocrisy is self-evident. Any proclaimed Bible believing Christian working with them deserves the black eye they get!



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