TBN – The Fall of Heresyland 2 – Memories of PTL Continue

As one who grew up near the PTL Club Heresyland 1 in the Jim and Tammy Bakker with all of its hyprocrisy, the huge waste of millions of dollars and ultra-charismatic nonsense in addition to loads of rumors of sexual immorality (that were proven true) I am not surprised to see the fall of TBN Heresyland 2. – Or at least what we hope is the beginning of the end of it!

Perhaps Heresyland 2 had better defenders with Benny Hinn’s Holy Ghost Machine Gun to shoot all of us who would oppose the mighty work of TBN? Paul Crouch and Hinn at least once made such a blasphemous remark. Along with threats of anyone opposing them? Here is one quote of this unchristian behavior:


“Paul Crouch responded: “God help anyone who would try to get in the way of TBN, which was God’s plan. … I have attended the funerals of at least two people who tried…” ‘God help anyone who would…get in the way of TBN’ from: ‘God help anyone who would…get in the way of TBN’.

For me, it was impossible to take PTL or TBN with a grain of salt and as a teenager I would say, “If this is Christianity I want no part of it!” They are a hindrance to the Gospel not a help – Praise God He sought me out and I learned that in the flesh I can do no better than either Heresyland. Reader, if you are like me then, you to are but a sinner — the biggest difference is I am now saved by the Grace of God through the finished work of the Cross where Jesus Christ died for my sins. For my testimony click here.

The list of goofy PTL and TBN teachings is quite extensive, one conversation on TBN we heard sometime back when flipping the channel on briefly was the Crouch’s and Hinn commenting when they get to Heaven how their satellite broadcasts they will be able to watch there as the TV signal catches up to where they are. If they really believe that they take their conceit, pride and arrogance to a level never seen on Earth. – It surely will not be seen in Heaven! I hope we can finally bid a not so fond farewell to Heresyland 2 at last!

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  1. […]  On the radio show, Black makes a point to mention, “…he found he had a new powerful capacity to discern…” and “…had these things specially imparted to his heart…” In addition he mentions as part of his flight to Heaven a narrow pathway of light through darkness but made it a point that it is was not a tunnel. (Not to be compared to others in the NDE group I suppose?)  He continues to describe other bright spheres of light flying around him, two angelic masculine beings flying alongside of him, then seeing an astonishing golden/sacred city.  In the midst of his sacred city description about the lights, colors and atmosphere Black throws in a real zinger, “Somehow I knew life and love was in the light, it was like they’re one..?” (at 16:24 minutes in the AFR audio linked earlier). I disagree in the strongest terms this is something credible for anyone, Captain Black is not discerning  but sharing an experience based upon personal memories from better than 40 years ago. Add as evidence his own bio and story on his website, they show him to be a person of a variety of religious thought from training in a Nazarene school to wacky of hypercharismaticism. Black’s site openly mentions his friendship with Kenneth Copeland, Jack Hayford, Jan and Paul Crouch of TBN. Dare I mention TBN’s notoriety and scandal that our site has warned about previously? […]

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