Southern Baptist Leader Dr. R. Albert Mohler to “Dialogue” with Mormons!?

Southern Baptist Leader Dr. R Albert Mohler to “Dialogue” with Mormons!?

 “To the contrary, I believe that it is a false gospel that, however sincere and kind its adherents may be, leads to eternal death rather than to eternal life.” – Dr. R. Albert Mohler as quoted in Christian Post March 11th, 2011, Evangelicals, Mormons Search for Common Ground in Utah

There are some strange things going on with leaders from both the Assembly of God and Southern Baptists together with Mormons holding lectures that are not being recorded – why are these lectures not public!?

The third of a series of apparent secretive lectures is at the Mormon Brigham Young University scheduled to be held next week, October 21st, 2013 (details here: Dr. R. Albert Mohler’s lecture is called, A Clear and Present Danger: Religious Liberty, Marriage and Family in the Late Modern Age.

What comes as a surprise to me is Dr. Mohler, who in the recent past has stood against being involved in interfaith/ecumenical “prayer” or “worship” meetings, agreed to be a speaker at BYU!  In an interview on Issues and Etc. February 2013, on the topic of  Abandoning the Public Square.

Dr. Mohler states he’d stake his reputation on seeking to avoid participating in an interfaith “prayer” or “worship” service. Dr. Mohler made this point very clear even stating “I can’t imagine finding myself in such a position” and then even for the sake of argument if he “fell out of a helicopter” he would be compelled to share the Gospel that there is only one God and His only son is Jesus Christ.

While I would agree with Dr. Mohler on the points made about a interfaith prayer or worship service, this lecture series at BYU is not being recorded for all to hear. These lectures I am told by a BYU representative,

“Unfortunately, it was decided not to record the lectures.  Sorry.”

The same contact said this in another email to our friends at Stand  Up For The Truth:

“Amy, Thank you for your email.  I can appreciate your concern, but as you might anticipate from the last presidential election new doors of friendship have been opened.  Friendships blossom from getting to know each other and sharing in dialogue.  Dr. Mohler is actually coming to Utah at an invitation from the Church leadership and while he is in Utah he is speaking at BYU.  His topic is in an area where he is both an expert and where he and our church have common values.

I hope you will attend his lecture on Monday at 12:00 noon in the Varsity Theater.


As we saw with the meeting in September with Dr. George Wood of the Assembly of God the value the Mormons are putting on these meetings! Charismania Gone Nuts – AOG Together with LDS!

“Wood showed that God is playing a role in all religions and that Christians are more united than they sometimes think.” Quote from, Assembly of God CEO addresses BYU students

My point, the Mormons are seeing these meetings as interfaith and these speakers are their mission field! Need more? From the article linked above, “A recent push by the Quorum of the Twelve to promote religious freedom has led to much interfaith discussion and many opportunities, including this second lecture of the Faith, Family, and Society series.” [Bold emphasis mine]

The Quorum of Twelve are some of the highest ranking leaders in the Church of Latter Day Saints! It is dialogue the Mormons are after not debate! Remember what was said in response to the purpose of this meeting earlier, “His topic is in an area where he is both an expert and where he and our church have common values.”

It is beyond naïve’ to think the Mormons are not seizing this opportunity. Any Bible believing Christian leader standing with the Mormons on their turf are seriously deceived if they think they are doing the right thing with God! Oddly enough in the MP3 interview with Mohler he mentions one of the very things he should be saying to this Mormon audience he will have next Monday:

1 Kings 18:21 “And Elijah came unto all the people, and said, How long halt ye between two opinions? if the LORD [be] God, follow him: but if Baal, [then] follow him. And the people answered him not a word.”

The Mormons worship a different God and a different Jesus – A false God! This voluntary association joins you with a cult that denies our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  They would never have invited Dr. Mohler if it was for the purpose of preaching the true Gospel of Jesus Christ! The opportunities come after this sort of association and the Mormons I fully expect to exploit it as they did with Dr. Wood! Dr. Wood points out this quote while attributed to him he didn’t say it the writers of BYU Universe did, “Wood showed that God is playing a role in all religions and that Christians are more united than they sometimes think.”

As I stated in an unanswered email over two weeks ago when I first heard Dr. Mohler was scheduled to speak at BYU, I admonished Dr. Mohler,

9/29/13 I sent this via

Dr. Mohler,

I write as a brother in Christ. I am deeply concerned with the rampant ecumenism (in the guise of interfaith work) going on.

Are you taking the same positions being stated by Dr. Wood and Dr. Land? Hearing that you are speaking at BYU gave me pause… reason I see you as their Mormon mission field!

Hearing that Dr. Wood got a standing ovation I don’t think that indicated they would be tearing down any Moroni idols and flocking to our Baptist churches! Just like the Muslim, they translate what we say in witness into their language. I believe you know that and hope they throw you out of there for clearly defining our God! I mean that in the best possible way!

Dr. Mohler so you know I am not just another yahoo out there 🙂 I have been exposing the ecumenism ongoing for some time. You can ask my good mutual friend Pastor [name omitted here], I believe if he is able will vouch for my character.


I can see no legitimate context for Dr. Mohler speaking at Brigham Young University to discuss A Clear and Present Danger: Religious Liberty, Marriage and Family in the Late Modern Age. The clear and present danger is Dr. Mohler’s actions and the message this sends to thousands, possibly millions of Bible believing Christians!

For more related to this fiasco here are some other links:

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From Apprising Ministries to show this has been going on for some time with Dr. Richard Land of the Southern Baptists:

SBC’s Richard Land Says Mormonism Fourth Abrahamic Faith

9 responses to “Southern Baptist Leader Dr. R. Albert Mohler to “Dialogue” with Mormons!?”

  1. I don’t know if you have had any responses to this article or not. In short, Dr. Mohler’s address is not by any means a kind of ecumenism. Ecumenism is a specific theological term that refers to a basic unity stemming from an inclusivistic understanding of the Gospel.

    In addition, I am not sure what your understanding of “worship” or your understanding of Mormon views on worship, but they did not invite Dr. Mohler to speak at their temple gathering nor in what they remotely consider sacred space or sacred worship.

    If you are concerned about what might have been said today, you can read that address that was made public at In his introduction he explains very clearly who he is, what he believes and the Christian theological differences with Mormonism. Dr. Mohler made many personal notes via twitter concerning Mormonism. While he believes in the public arena Christians and Mormons will go to jail together, they will not go to heaven together.

    Thanks for the concern in your article. It’s an important topic. We need to be careful of ecumenism, especially in a post modern age.

  2. The grounds for criticism you chose don’t get you very far.
    There are big distinctions between praying or worshiping with followers of false gods, and lecturing to those followers. (1) Lecturing is in an academic setting. It is not a setting that even implies that the Christian joins in invoking the name of the same god with the others present. On the other hand, To pray with (rather than for) or to worship with pagans communicates that their god is the same as mine, or else that I have forsaken God and embrace other gods.
    (2) The Christian who lectures is in a commanding position; others are listening to him. But the Christian submits to being on par with or subordinate to pagans if he prays or worships with them.

    Al Mohler’s quoted remarks give you no room or reason to be surprised by Mohler going to a college campus to deliver a prepared lecture.

    You have not handled Mohler’s quoted words logically and fairly. If you are seeking to catch Mohler and say “Gotcha!,” then you are not operating in the spirit of a brother, but in the spirit of an accuser.

    This “TruthWithSnares” posting was written before Oct. 21. Now that Oct. 21 has passed, we know that Dr. Mohler proved you wrong. Al Mohler expressly stated his non-fellowship with Mormons in his lecture to the largely Mormon audience. Give Brother Mohler credit for plain-spoken honesty with his audience and for loyalty to Jesus who is the Truth.

    It does not help to seize on Brother Mohler’s words and pretend that he went back on his word.


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