Top Seven Reasons Why Not to Speak at Mormon Interfaith Meetings

Truth with Snares – Top Seven Reasons Why Not to Speak at Mormon Interfaith Meetings
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  1. You must rationalize that it is ok to go to BYU on the issues of “common ground” with the defense of marriage, the family. While we know and address the utter insanity that is making perverted sexuality the new norm in our society there are no scriptures where God makes exceptions for academic institutions for us to come together with cults. We are to mark and avoid false teachers and not place ourselves under Mormon “general authority.” “Each of the lecture speakers in this series were accompanied by a general [Mormon] authority.” (Source: BYU Universe)
  2. A Bible believing Christian leader should never go to the Mormons (or other cults) to have interfaith ‘dialogue’ plus make plans for future interfaith conversations on “temporal or eternal” things as stated. Dialogue is not debate. There can be dialogue for the things about marriage and the family in the societal setting in which we live, without compromising. On eternal differences that there can be no dialogue, we are absolute that our God is true and the Mormon god is not one at all. Secondly, Mormons define marriage as eternal, and even children are looked upon in a different manner from Bible believing Christians.
  3. Dr. Mohler did state some of the differences well. He very briefly stated what he believes to be true (I would infer about what the Gospel is) when he said, “I believe that salvation comes only to those who believe and trust only in Christ and in his substitutionary atonement for salvation. I believe in justification by faith alone, in Christ alone”, the listener must understand what Dr. Mohler speaks of is Christ’s blood atonement for sin to all that believe in Him – and the faith we have is the gift of God. We can only attain that atonement, that forgiveness of sin by faith through Christ Jesus alone. However, Dr. Mohler contrary to his presentation was not a true friend (holding back nothing), but as a worldly friend not condemning Mormon as we have seen with the others in this lecture series. If we truly love the Mormons, we tell them the whole truth not a partial truth leaving out the need of repentance.
  4. The “irreconcilable differences” are many with Mormons versus Christians. By not including the foremost issue, the fraud of Mormon beliefs, you may win their friendship but you have done nothing to show Christ’s love for them and turn them from their hell bound state. You fail to be a true friend by not addressing the worship of a false god. Luke 6:27 “But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you,” – doing good is sharing the whole counsel of God that Mormonism is a lie!
  5. Not a single scripture was given (at least from what is provided as being said on Dr. Mohler’s own website) to support what he said that the power of the Bible just might reach and save one lost Mormon soul. Isaiah 55:11.
  6. This was not as the Apostle Paul at Mars Hill Acts 17:23 “For as I passed by, and beheld your devotions, I found an altar with this inscription, TO THE UNKNOWN GOD. Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you.” The Mormon believes fervently they serve the God of the Bible, but also of the Book of Mormon another god – little “g” intended, because they serve a fictitious god invented by man with a gospel of men.
  7. I believe Dr. Mohler’s, statements of differences: “irreconcilable”, “not going to heaven together”, and “speaking only what we believe to be true” show him to be hiding his hatred of Mormonism in order to gain this audience and another meeting scheduled in February 2014. I will address this momentarily in the article. (Back to:
    Biblical Interfaith Meetings – the 3rd Way using Land, Wood and Mohler)

I am not saying this list is all the reasons but those that first came to mind…


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