More of the Heretical “Jesus Culture” Together With Beth Moore and John Piper at Passion 2013

To put this as succinctly as possible: Anyone supporting the once supposed conservative Christian leaders Beth Moore and John Piper – need to rethink who they are! As seen this past year with the Lecto Divina nonsense both Moore and Piper are clearly unrepentant in there dealings with CSM Contemplative Spirituality and Mysticism! Now at a conference that is not just associated but connected with Word of Faith, New Apostolic Reformation teachers and more it is time that any believer with a trace of discernment needs to come out from among them! They are false teachers!

Together with John Piper, Beth Moore and others!

Link to: Louie Giglio, Passion 2013, And Jesus Culture – by Apprising Ministries



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