Passion 2013 – Beth Moore and John Piper Again!?

As if last year’s Lecto Divina wasn’t enough just to remind you some of where Piper and Moore have taken us:

July 6, 2012 Passion 2012 Beth Moore, John Piper, Louis Giglio Et Al Practice Lectio Divina-Lite Superstition-Full Version

September 27, 2012 Beth Moore – Demonic Visions, Ecumenism and Contemplative Spirituality & Mysticism!? 

December 21, 2012 Leading Southern Baptists Reversing the Protestant Reformation!?

and now for 2013 –  Jesus Culture Going Mainstream at Passion 2013 together with Giglio, Moore and Piper too! Taking ecumenism and more heresy to a new level? See for yourself:

“Jesus Culture” going mainstream? – Jesus Culture and Judah Smith to Join Piper, Moore, Chan and Others at Giglio’s Passion 2013

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