Have many Christians lost their minds inviting Mormons into our Christian universities, lost their fire to preach that Mormonism is NOT Christianity? Have Christians in the name of some greater good such as American patriotism forgotten the Holy God is whom we first serve? Pastor Ken Silva’s article today I wholeheartedly endorse answering some of these questions head on! Adding to that a quote from the late Dr. Walter Martin writer of Kingdom of the Cults who said this,

The Savior of Mormonism, however, is an entirely different person, as their official publications clearly reveal. The Mormon “Savior” is not the second person of the Christian Trinity,… Mormons reject the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, and he is not even a careful replica of the New Testament Redeemer.


Being an online apologetics and discernment work Apprising Ministries does not involve itself in politics per se; however, there are times when those issues will cross, as is the case with popular conservative talk show host Glenn Beck.

Lately it’s becoming more apparent that Beck, who is a baptized member in good standing with the non-Christian cult of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons), being portrayed by influential evangelicals as a Christian.

Take for example James Robison Says Jesus Is In The Heart Of Mormon Glenn Beck and The god Of Glenn Beck. In the latter piece you see embattled Southern Baptist leader Richard Land tell us he’s heard Beck preach “the Gospel so clearly.”

When you meet people from the LDS faith, they will often say to you: “We’re Christians too, because we believe in the Savior Jesus Christ.” However, the problem lies in what they mean by those words. Pastor Ken Silva, Apprising Ministries

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