Poke Thy Enemy? Steven Furtick takes another swipe at Critics? Guess He Needs to Read What He’s Promoting!

Elevation Church-A-Tainment Steven Furtick in a Tweet recommends this book on February 3rd: The Necessity of an Enemy: How the Battle You Face Is Your Best Opportunity – by the “Apostle” Ron Carpenter with a link to Amazon.com

stevenfurtick Steven Furtick

Excited about this book by @roncarpenter -he’s been a great friend to me! amazon.com/gp/aw/d/030773… pic.twitter.com/KUSB8LQ2

But today I guess it was a bit too much for Furtick to take and I happened to be looking at that book Furtick recommended …. Hmmm… maybe Furtick needs to finish reading his buddy’s book where he says on page 215, “We have to ignore the negative things said by others that would draw us away from our purpose.”

This morning 2/15/12 he just couldn’t resist taking another poke at those of us who are exposing the numerous heresies flowing out from Elevation and their so-called Code Orange revival in their efforts they believe they are doing for God to build more Church-a-Tainment centers.

Sad indeed, maybe something someone is saying is pricking this man’s heart and he has too much pride to resist?

@stevenfurtick Steven Furtick

Hey, wait up! Almost forgot to thank our enemies, opponents, and critics! Thank YOU for proving Rom. 8:31 to be true…over and over again!

Furtick may not see this as any big deal but I trust the God of the Bible does, especially how lightly he treats the Word of God inviting all sorts of false teachings. Now add to that who the “Apostle” Ron hangs out, a veritable list of who’s who in goofy nut job teachings:

“Apostle Ron is a graduate of Emmanuel College of Christian Ministries where he … with speakers such as Bishop T.D. [Modalist] Jakes, Pastor Gary Oliver, Pastor Donnie … Bishop [recently crowned king] Eddie Long, Dr. Cindy Trimm, Dr. Jesse Duplantis and many more. (ref “www.rmfionline.org/?page_id=53 ) Other links to Jakes, Long and Trimm added to show what I am talking about…

Obviously Furtick is a long way from being able to deal with his critics, perhaps there is some small glimmer of light shining into his soul that just maybe he is on the wrong path?

For more showing the right path and some helpful hints on finding God’s Favor look here:

A Review of Awake21 Conference #17 January 31, 2012/ 6PM // Steven Furtick – Elevation Church, Charlotte, NC

3 responses to “Poke Thy Enemy? Steven Furtick takes another swipe at Critics? Guess He Needs to Read What He’s Promoting!”

  1. How many people do you think Pastor Furtick has brought to Christ while you were busy criticizing him??

    • The ends do not justify the means regarding Furtick and to hold our tongues in the light of false teachings is wrong. We often hear this reversal of what is the Biblical mind set where we are supposed to show others as the Bereans, to mark and avoid bad teachers Ro. 16:17-18, and earnestly contend for the faith following a pattern of sound doctrine which Furtick does not. How can I do any less but warn people of him? It goes beyond mere criticism when there is heresy being taught I hardly scratch the surface with the criticism posted. Much more can be seen on Furtick at: http://apprising.org/category/steven-furtick/

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