New Ager or Christian? Roma Downey and Mark Burnett

roma1Roma Downey has NOT renounced New Age teachings! Beware if you are watching the AD series these two are not to be trusted!  “Roma Downey has never renounced her New Age involvement and continues to promote it in one form or another.”

10 Important Things to Consider About Roma Downey’s Spiritual Affinities

If time allows I will look into this further but the material at Lighthouse Trails lays it out well. If you are watching the AD series I have little doubt they are rewriting the Bible with their own narrative. If you are a Bible believing Christian, look very hard at what you are being presented even a cursory look I could see and hear things not aligning to scripture even adding to it. Bad, bad stuff!

John Beardsley
II Cor 10:5

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