In the “Fairmontism” Board Meeting November 2nd, 2013 – Interfaith Strategy?

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120px-StauntonPawn2Notes from the Board Meeting of the 12 Apostles – At the Vancouver City Temple of Fairmontism on November 2nd, 2013

Overview of 2013 Interfaith Meetings by the Prophet and Apostle Snow Flake:

This year we were able to welcome three key Christian evangelical leaders to our Joseph Rabbit Chasing University! Our interfaith meetings were truly a success filling up all the rooms even into the overflow rooms! As our founding father William Filthy Lucre Lordsburg said in our doctrinal papers we should not tussle with those of other faiths but show them our form of Christian love. Only by our kind of love will we show them the right path and lead them to becoming Gods as me. You must wrap your lives around theirs until the only path they see is that of Fairmontism.

We successfully invited Evangelical leaders: Dr. Grounds, Dr. Chips and Dr. Mauled to speak with us in the campus Lordsburg Varsity auditorium and we are looking forward to their return in 2014! Making our efforts extra special in January 2014, we will again be welcoming back Pastor Ralph Alpheus who has helped us to make these interfaith meetings possible starting over 20 years ago!

To brief our newest apostles on the board, the interfaith meetings in part got rolling with the work of Pastor Alpheus who we invited knowing his full stand against our religion. We wanted to show how we love those who hate us and once he came – how the friendships blossomed!

Today we can happily say after 20 years our strategy is working well and more recognize us as another mainline Christian faith! Here are a couple of the points made:

– In 2010 Dr. Grounds referred to us as the fourth Abrahamic faith now we just need them to recognize the history transcribed by William Lucre Lordsburg given him by the angel Gaius is genuine. Dr. Grounds even agrees we should not be named a cult!

– In October 2013, Dr. Chips recognized our history of us being persecuted religiously!

Founding father Lordsburg truly understood the meaning of patience while on this Earth, and he predicted many things within the thousands of prophetic papers. We must continue these interfaith dialogues, in spite of our Evangelical friends still being stuck on the Trinity of God, the atoning work of Jesus’ blood and so on, we must look past their errors and focus on the common ground we have with morality, family and marriage.

Apostle Strangelove made an observation in our last board meeting, he expressed concern that our evangelical friends may take issue that we view marriage as eternal and that our children become our literal god children in the next life. I am happy to report this issue has not come up and I do not believe it will be a problem anymore, especially with all of the focus being on that of the perversions of same sex marriage and other immoral behavior. It appears our Evangelical friends are able to look past those differences at least.

We must continue to have them come speak in our schools to help validate our religion to all even while they deny it saying we are theologically worlds apart. The ends justify the means, and as they continue to grace us at these speaking engagements our opportunities to win over their young believers to the true path of Fairmontism is growing exponentially.

I will bring an update at our next Apostles of Fairmont Board meeting scheduled March 15th, 2014 following the messages from our Evangelical pawns, oh I mean friends.

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