The Bible Miniseries? Fact or Purpose Driven Bible Rewrite?

Christian Post Review: ‘The Bible’ – This Time, Hollywood Got It Right Oh Really? Typical long haired Jesus? Long haired John the Baptist? Our Mission is to “Change the world” for who?

With the names like Rick Warren, T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, Miroslav Volf and a host of other liberal Christians (using that term loosely) You cannot trust this latest from Hollywood – there is a huge list why! Bible believing Christians be as Bereans! Read and watch for yourselves how these people producing deviate from scriptures! Warn others not to be taken in by the big dollar special effects!

Here is more why with a well done article by Do Not Be Surprised Ministries:


The Word Made for Television?

Yet, for reasons that far exceed the rationale of the regenerate, there are those who seek to twist and change this great Word so that it might be more relevant, more exciting, more enjoyed by those who stand as enemies of its Author. In this sad and unfortunate quest for more, the Truth becomes untruth and any benefit that may be derived from this Word is lost.

One response to “The Bible Miniseries? Fact or Purpose Driven Bible Rewrite?”

  1. The Bible Miniseries had 40+ Scholars to Ensure Accuracy to the Bible? A Child That Can Read Can Tell You How Wrong They Have It! Don’t Waste Your Time or Confuse Your Kids! With Personally I knew it was going to be bad seeing who was producing it – It is worse! As I just said elsewhere: I found the whole show disturbing because of the great inaccuracies I don’t know where to start. It was also cheesy, lacking believability but maybe that is a good thing? How someone would come to the God of the Bible with the right frame of mind from this “show” is in God’s hands. The pragmatist may say the ends justify the means and maybe someone will get saved from a few Bible verses in or out of context in this “hack” (A Rick Warren and crew Bible Rewrite) but I will continue to speak out against this poorly done miniseries.

    I think it will do more harm then good. And they BOAST they had how many scholars to check accuracy!? Ha! 40! Or so? What a joke! It was awful, and a list of other negative adjectives! So if you wonder how I feel about this show? 🙂

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