About Kay Arthur Of Precept Ministries International – Timely Update from Apprising Ministries

The Biblical Discernment Ministry website warned about Kay Arthur many years back this article from Apprising Ministries brings it up to date showing the ecumenical schmoozer she really is:

About Kay Arthur Of Precept Ministries International


“I wrote two exhaustive letters to Kay documenting the serious problems with Gibson’s false gospel and even called her executive assistant at the time to see if Kay would speak to me by phone.

Instead, I got a letter rebuking me for “attacking” another brother in Christ (sounds like Franklin Graham’s objection to calling Mormonism a cult). I returned a letter of resignation.

I haven’t heard Kay or any other evangelical leader who jumped on Gibson’s bandwagon admit that they were wrong, let alone publically repent for leading so many people astray. The bad fruit here is legion.”

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