Repost:The Justice Conference: Another Ecumenical Emergent Event?

More of where things are headed into apostasy!
“So evidently there is at least some implied understanding that this conference is a call from “a Voice” or a “god” of some sort….”

The Justice Conference: Another Ecumenical Emergent Event?
From – My Sheep Hear My Voice

One response to “Repost:The Justice Conference: Another Ecumenical Emergent Event?”

  1. Article touches several areas I am working to address… the name Miroslov Volf comes up in a number of areas as one who would join Christianity and Islam as worshiping the same God. Looking at the translation issue it is easy to see where a number of people are heading in rewriting scriptures for their purposes. These are dangerous and damnable doctrines of devils that Volf, Claiborne and others propagate!

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