Omitting the Trinity!? – Wycliffe-Gate Update: Pakistan Presbyterian Church says NO to Bible Translations

Followers of Jesus? I thought that was  the Organic Church’s (Viola & Sweet’s) schtick?Wycliffe gives it a whole new meaning redefining what it means to be a Christian!

Due to the seriousness of this to Pakistani Bible Believing CHRISTIANS, I have provided a complete repost from Rob Willmann of (former website) Shepherd’s Heart Bible Study

Repost from: Wycliffe-Gate Update: Pakistan Presbyterian Church says NO to Bible Translations

In a very eye-opening official press release from the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan, Rev. Dr. Altaf Khan says ‘No’ to the Wycliffe (WBT)\SIL translations: (official press release)

I, Rev. Dr. Altaf Khan, the Acting Moderator of Presbyterian Church of Pakistan [PCP] would like to bring into your attention the recent translation issues brought by Summer Institute of Linguistics [SIL] or Wycliffe Bible Translators.

The controversy arose when the idea of contextualization was first floated by SIL. In the name of contextualization, SIL intended to remove Father or Son from the future translated versions citing that some local Muslims can only see sexual connotations to these terms. PCP in its General Assembly held in November 2011 [around 200 Church leaders participated], executive meeting [around 30 Church leaders] and multiple gatherings in different cities where Christian leaders from all denominations participated, has publicly condemned such justifications for the sake of convenient translation. In this regard, PCP board of directors unanimously passed the following submissions:

[Note from Rob: This is strong, concrete language. Praise God that Dr. Khan is standing up to this!]

He continues:

  1. The Precedent of Centuries old Biblical Translation established by our forefathers, missionaries, biblical institutions cannot and must not be overturned, amended, or omitted by SIL or any other foreign translating institution.
  2. That before making any changes to the current Bible translation, SIL must take into confidence all the major Christian denominations and Church leaders.
  3. The doctrine of Trinity is and remains one of the rudimentary tenets uniformly adopted by the First Council of Nicaea [Ecumenical Council 325 A.D.]. And that such well settled doctrine of our faith cannot be omitted by any Translating institution.
  4. That any interpretative measures which substantially and adversely affect our fundamental dogmas must be prohibited at all costs.
  5. That certain creeds, cannons, and beliefs which are rationally related to our faith cannot be jeopardized for the sake of any particular target audience.
  6. That any such autonomous and arbitrary act by SIL would bring irreparable injury to our faith, community, and Church worldwide.
  7. That PCP will severe its nexus with SIL or any other translating institution as a matter of principle and continue to denounce such actions at all levels.

Friends, please read the entire letter here. The Pakistan Presbyterians need our prayers and support during this time.

Also, consider this: These Christians in Pakistan are able to make such a strong stand because they are able to read the source material (ie. mistranslated bibles) and clearly see the issue with “Son of God” and “God the Father” being mis-translated in these languages. Wycliffe-Gate Update: Pakistan Presbyterian Church says NO to Bible Translations

Again I’d like to point to these two videos:
Video 1:

3 responses to “Omitting the Trinity!? – Wycliffe-Gate Update: Pakistan Presbyterian Church says NO to Bible Translations”

  1. Glad to see this evil exposed. This is not only an attack on the Trinity and the Word of God, but it is a direct assault on the diety of Jesus Christ. He is presented throughout the Word as “the Son of God” (and as such is equal with His Father, John 10:30) and to delete, lower, or in any way change that distinction is a direct act of blasphemy and heresy. Repentance is in order for those who would do such a deed.

  2. Monday, 3/19/12; I am freshly amazed while reading God’s, canonized, God-breathed, Holy, Word of Truth when Jesus Himself warned this generation not to be deceived!! These are the wolves in sheep’s clothing that He warned this generation about 2,000 years ago. Anyone who changes God’s Word of Truth is of the occult. Regardless of what you call yourselves, just because we call ourselves “Christians” does not mean that we know the truth. I think the why of Jesus warnings to us in His gospels to stand fast, gird our loins, pray unceasingly to not be deceived in this generation is becoming clear to those who search the scriptures to know God and know His Word of Truth. Satan is cunning and he does know the Truth, he knew God’s plan back in Genesis when God chastised him while casting him out of the garden of Eden for deceiving Adam and Eve. His deceit continues and he has more willing participants than ever before; it’s sad, but true. All we can do is what Jesus told us, read His true Word, and obviously, these people were not deceived when reading the lies, they quickly discerned the difference–that is the Holy Spirit’s illumination of God’s pure Word of Truth. I’m happy that His Word is known by His disciples today and I pray that we will continue to be diligent and ever watchful for His soon return. What is done in the dark will be brought to the light–especially concerning God’s Word.

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