To Wycliffe, SIL, And Foundations: Is the Gospel an Offense, and Dare We Change It?

Are we here to appease others or PLEASE God? Wycliffe on dangerous ground in attempt appease Muslims! Read:

In the WND article ‘Wycliffe defends changing titles for God‘, Bible publisher Wycliffe defends and deflects it’s decision to change the wording in Bibles that are translated for Muslim speaking countries. Wycliffe, Frontiers, and SIL have been putting out bible translations that minimize or outright omit the familial titles that are plain in Scripture (ie: God the Father, God the Son). This has been documented extensively and can be found in many online sources. Especially difficult for Wycliffe to explain away are the testimonies of missionaries themselves who have these translations in their hands.

Wycliffe responded with a Response to “Son of God” Accusations.
What is the problem you ask?
“Simply put, it appears that Wycliffe may be disingenuous with their answer.”
[Emphasis here added by because I agree!]

The Sonship and Deity of Jesus Christ is being swept aside so that Muslims will not be ‘offended’ at these concepts. In essence, a type of syncretism between the Islamic and Christian worldviews is being promoted.

Syncretism is defined as the combination of different forms of belief or practice. And that’s certainly what’s happening, even if Wycliffe denies it. Missionaries in the field have seen this happening first-hand:

Did you catch that? Missionaries are having problems in the field because when they reach out to a village with the true Christianity, they are finding people who have already heard the syncretized message of Islam and Christianity being compatible.

Friends this makes me weep! Has Christianity sunk so low that we are not able to stand up and simply DECLARE what Scripture declares, come what may?

Rest of Article here: To Wycliffe, SIL, And Foundations: Is the Gospel an Offense, and Dare We Change It?

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