Onward Followers of the Christ!?

Just a little something in the way of a prose…
by John Beardsley on Sunday, January 14, 2012

In the search of knowing
Whence we came
We find a road most traveled
Not knowing where it goes
We just follow it with a feeling,
That we think is right.

Sensing there must be some force driving us on this road,
We make it how we live,
We walk along on it but whether it is real or fiction we cannot tell,
We surround it with our personal beliefs and
It is our faith.

To protect how we feel we write books of comfort
Persuading others to come along,
So we can all go together down this road most traveled.

It maybe without reason we march down the road,
But we cannot tell it just seems the only way to go,
We hear words of religion but do not want to hear of any word of a place called Hell!
We look to each other to support our cause,
Not knowing what we believe is a god we have made in our minds.

We are without condemnation of those who act on their base or vile passions,
Freedom from the tyranny of religion is what we preach!
We make leaders of those who extol that nature most –
with their books, conferences and fine speech!

We especially love those who are bold finding a greater experience!
Are we the real fools who think ourselves wise
While stating how we hate religion but love Jesus?

Or is it you that is unwise!?
Our leaders are not afraid to say what they feel,
And quick to point out truth is too ambiguous to be defined!
We can show how our critics are too rigid, stiff and blind!

We clear our minds to new ideas and experience,
We write and sell more of our books than any of you,
Who dares to say what we write is unfounded or baseless lies!?

Truth is relative and experience opens the mind,
But our detractors rely solely on a Bible – as if God could be so confined!

Since we’ve been marching on this road most traveled for some time,
We have found the true way! Don’t you see?
It is our critics you must watch out for
With their trappings of a reality!

Onward Followers March!
Oppose any who would just use that Bible alone!
Those people are so narrow to think,

You do not know what is right for your heart!
They are not interpreting the Bible in the light!
Our numbers are growing!
How can they not see God is with us!?
Come with us!
Follow your feelings, intuitions and experience!

We are emerging into light! Can you feel it shine on you?
We are followers of the Christ!
We are on the road most traveled,
Not really knowing where it goes,
We feel we should somewhere deep inside maybe…

But we don’t question why or what we actually follow,
Because we are strong and walk the path we say is right!
We may sense there is be some force behind it,
We call upon its name from time to time,
We made it our god, we may even call it Christ,
We surround it with our personal beliefs,

It is truly our religion but please don’t call it that!

We protect how we feel with our written words of comfort and
We even have our own Bible or redefine one to fit.
We march boldly forward daring any to oppose,
Showing them to be haters,

As we go together down this road most traveled.

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