Christians Stay Plugged In!

pluggedinChristians, here is an excerpt to think about from 1982 by Dr. Francis Schaeffer that is just as relevant today:

“It is not enough merely to say, “I believe in a supernatural world.” We must ask, “Which chair am I sitting in at this given existential moment?” We must live in the present: “Sufficient to the day is the evil thereof … Give us this day our daily bread.” What counts is the chair I am sitting in at any one existential moment.

Christianity is not just a mental assent that certain doctrines are true—not even that the right doctrines are true. This is only the beginning. This would be rather like a starving man sitting in front of great heaps of food and saying, “I believe the food exists; I believe it is real,” and yet never eating it. It is not enough merely to say, “I am a Christian,” and then in practice to live as if present contact with the supernatural were something far-off and strange. Many Christians I know seem to act as though they come in contact with the supernatural just twice—once when they are justified and become a Christian, and once when they die. The rest of the time they act as though they were sitting in the materialist’s chair.

The difference between a Christian who is being supernatural in practice and one who says he is a Christian but lives like a materialist can be illustrated by the difference between a storage battery and a light plug. Some Christians seem to think that when they are born again, they become a self-contained unit like a storage battery. From that time on they have to go on their own pep and their own power until they die. But this is wrong. After we are justified, once for all through faith in Christ, we are to live in supernatural communion with the Lord every moment; we are to be like lights plugged into an electric socket.

The Bible makes it plain that our joy and spiritual power depend on a continuing relation to God. If we do not love and draw on the Lord as we should, the plug gets pulled out and the spiritual power and the spiritual joy stop. Recall Paul’s statement in the benediction, “The communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” The reality of the communication of the Holy Spirit who lives within us and who is the agent of the whole Trinity is to be a continuing reality in the Christian’s life.”

Dr. Francis Schaeffer, 1982,
Death in the City, Chapter Nine: The Universe and Two Chairs

3 responses to “Christians Stay Plugged In!”

  1. Hi John Beardsley and Rick Miesel,

    Might you be able to tell me if and when you site will be back up?
    If it is not going back on line, I just need one article on John Maxwell and if two, C.S. Lewis.
    I was about to send your link(s) to a number of people but it is still broken.

    Please advise.

    Your exposes are now more urgent than ever!

    Thank you.

    Kindest regards in Christ,

    James Sundquist

  2. Dear Rick and John,
    Can you show a big image and link to BDM exposes as soon as you move it from Rapidnet?
    I it would be great and I would be very grateful!
    Thank you
    In Christ,
    James Sundquist

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