Some Truthful Words from Benny Hinn’s Nephew Costi Hinn

This is a refreshing article and one that shows our need to pray for each other to be fearless in our stand for Jesus — following Him with sound doctrine! Costi Hinn’s article on Pulpit and Pen is a fearless stand that I’m pretty sure his heretical Uncle Benny would not be happy about:

bennyhinnface1Stop Calling Error “Anointed”

What better way to deceive the masses than to have no explanation whatsoever? A common tactic by Benny Hinn and other faith healers is to act absolutely dumbfounded at the miraculous hand of God apparently moving through the services. Unfortunately, there is one explanation for this lunacy that they all-too-frequently use – God told them to do it, of course. (Click here to go to Pulpit and Pen article)


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