Avoid Like the Plague!? -Six reasons not to follow ‘Pastrix’ Christine Caine

My Good Friends at Berean Research shared an article warning about the teachings of ‘Pastrix’ Christine Caine and correctly stating she is one Bible Believing Christians must avoid. I feel it is vital to share this as I see some Christian leaders embracing or at least endorsing this false teacher, and others like her as in the picture below with Caine on the left of heretic Joyce Meyer and the Osteens below… if your church is promoting her teachings and those shown – run before these wolves devour any semblance of sound doctrine you are holding on too!

caineSix reasons not to follow Christine Caine – Link to Berean Research

Here is a bit more history and Biblical truth relating to this, Pastrix Caine has been a speaker at Steven Furtick’s Elevation Church “Code Orange Revival” speaker Christine Caine as a speaker who has her own church (female pastors unbiblical), and she is one who loves to bash the orthodox Christian music with comments as, “…some are still singing Noah’s greatest hits…” during her Code Orange even referred to her Hill Song counterparts famous song, “Shout to the Lord” as old music pushing for the same sort of “revival” through teachers such as Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Video Church. Caine uses words (connotations) comparable to the “Name it and Claim it” prosperity teachings along with those like Kenneth Copeland and Creflo Dollar to name a couple.

In my opinion Pastrix Caine is a living example of 2 Timothy 4:3-4  scratching those itching ears! Then in closing this quote sums up what is occurring in many churches today,

Charles Spurgeon warned in his day that, “When the old faith is gone, and enthusiasm for the gospel is extinct, it is no wonder that people seek something else in the way of delight. Lacking bread, they feed on ashes; rejecting the way of the Lord, they run greedily in the path of folly” (As quoted in Ashamed of the Gospel, p. 67).

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