Nephilim In Black – by Apprising Ministries

Just a bit of humor… seriously! – Nephilim In Black

The 5 points of Nephy Lim’s Galactic P.E.A.C.E. Plan are:

  • Placate with Pragmatism
  • Educate for a Nephilim World Order
  • Act Cool and Be Doctrinally Shallow
  • Contextualize for New Breed Species
  • Evade Suspicion by Blaming Others

Nephy Lim assures us that these 5 principles are tried and tested among all alien groups, and that it is a sure-fire formula for redeeming any planet. He explained, “We think that this subtle but forceful plan of action will be just the trick for overcoming humanity’s handicaps. After all, your leadership gurus use these methods effectively.”

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