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Ed Stetzer Defends Mystic Francis of Assisi?

In response to the June 26th article in the Christian Post by Ed Stetzer Preach the Gospel, and Since It’s Necessary, Use Words (adapted from Stetzer’s June Tabletalk) Why does Ed Stetzer, President of LifeWay Research and LifeWay’s Missiologist in Residence (an agency of the Southern Baptist Convention) use the mystic Francis of Assisi founder […]

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Dr. John MacArthur States Brian McLaren and Rob Bell ARE NOT Christians! Hear for Yourself and Why!

Shared on Apprising Ministries from World View Weekend (other links and MP3 currently available): “JOHN MACARTHUR COMMENTS ON LINKING WITH NAR HERETICS TO RECLAIM AMERICA : Apprising Ministries Apprising Ministries has been covering this kind of increasing syncretism going on within contemporary evangelicalism. So I now bring you this exclusive audio clip of John MacArthur on […]

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Has David Jeremiah Changed for the Better?

So has David Jeremiah Changed for the Better? Umm… no. Perhaps his recent showing on one of the scandalous Trinity Broadcasting Network’s (TBN) “Praise-a-thons” might persuade you otherwise? Showing him a friend to these false Word of Faith/Prosperity doctrine teachers? Hearing David Jeremiah quoted favorably first hand from one pulpit of an Independent Fundamental Baptist […]

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The God of Christianity = God of Islam!? – Rick Warren Taking it to a New Level! – Or Not?

“The Rev. Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest and one of America’s most influential Christian leaders, has embarked on an effort to heal divisions between evangelical Christians and Muslims by partnering with Southern California mosques and proposing a set of theological principles that includes acknowledging that Christians and Muslims worship the same […]

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