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So Who is Santa Claus?

Santa Claus or “Father Christmas” is a corruption of the Dutch “Sant Nikolaas.” (“Saint Nicholas” was the 4th century Catholic bishop of Myra in Asia Minor, who gave treats to children; he was canonized by the Roman Catholic Church, “regarded as a special friend and protector of children.” The red suit comes from the fact […]

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About Kay Arthur Of Precept Ministries International – Timely Update from Apprising Ministries

The Biblical Discernment Ministry website warned about Kay Arthur many years back this article from Apprising Ministries brings it up to date showing the ecumenical schmoozer she really is: About Kay Arthur Of Precept Ministries International Excerpt: “I wrote two exhaustive letters to Kay documenting the serious problems with Gibson’s false gospel and even called […]

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Two Old Guys with Music for Our Youth?

Who Are They Kidding? DC Talk and Newsboys – Revisited When I originally looked into a concert back in 1996 some 16 years ago I never dreamed the articles would still be as valid as the day they were published in the Christian Conscience!  What made me look was a promotional video sent to the […]

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