Will Your Faith Be Shaken?

Will Your Faith Be Shaken?

Are you ready for the coming trials? Do you have your armor on?
Are you preparing for whatever takes place? or resolving to be gone,

Thinking to yourself “I don’t have to worry, I won’t be here,”
Living in a false peace and security; suddenly replaced by fear.

Because everything you were taught is now coming to be,
Except you weren’t supposed to go through it, and see

The prophesies taking place with your own eyes,
You were supposed to be meeting the Lord in the skies.

Now what happens, you’re scared and don’t know what to do.
Panicking, you’re searching for answers to comfort you.

Will your faith be shaken when you see the signs unfolding?
Will you lose faith in the Bible you’ve been holding?

Will your faith be shaken or is your heart too calloused to humble
Because you’re busy justifying why you allowed yourself to stumble.

This may be a reflection of your future; hopefully not!
The only way to be sure is to prepare with what you’ve got.

God’s Word, watching and praying, heeding His warning,
And putting on your King’s armor every morning.

Be prepared to go through it all if need be;
As in the days of Noah, it will come suddenly.

Think on these things and each day when you awaken,
Ask yourself, “Am I prepared or will my faith be shaken?

© Kathy Beardsley

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