Pulp Fiction Definition

* Pulp Fiction – “The introduction also provides an overview of the history and definition of pulp fiction. Although the phrase pulp fiction originally described the physical characteristics of a work – those made from the cheapest grade of pulpwood paper – it has come to describe a sensational, grittily realistic style of writing. “…pulp fiction is “literally a literature of the street – sold not in genteel bookstores but in drug stores, cigar stores, and bus stations – pulp fiction has often closely reflected the society at hand, its hopes and dreams, ideals and prejudices, taboos and sexual fantasies”. The emphasis is on story, sensation and profit, not artistic quality. Despite this, Pulp literature has been influential in the development of new literary genres, including science fiction, detective and spy stories, westerns, romance, adventure, fantasy and superhero stories as well comics and serial radio stories.” Source, Encyclopedia of Pulp Fiction Writers, Madden, L. (2003). Reference Reviews, 17(5), 38.

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