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Is God’s Word Taking a Back Seat to Scofield’s?

Is God’s Word Taking a Back Seat to Scofield’s?

By Kathy Beardsley edited by John Beardsley – April 30, 2016 /Revised August 2018
(All Bible verse references are from the King James Version)

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Because of the increasing focus on end-time prophecy by a growing number of fundamental pastors—both famous and not, in churches and some on television selling their interpretation of it, I feel it necessary to join the small group of those who have been sounding the trumpet of warning. The danger is because of the source from which this version of eschatology springs, and the unscriptural hope offered that will be very costly in the end.

All my life I have been taught the same message from the same erroneous source. It was not until I heard a sermon preached by my former pastor (former because we moved away) explaining the absence of “rapture” in the Bible that I really started to study the subject for myself.

From that point forward I have been seeking answers to questions I have had since I was young. My discovery—the foundation from which the rapture theory turned doctrine was built, was made up of several fragmented (cherry-picked) stepping-stones (verses) which were then forced together and cemented with an inferior/erroneous formula (dual prophecy)—hence, Scofield’s notes.

Figuratively speaking, most people (including some pastors, teachers, and authors) have not examined the construction for themselves, but were instead content to let their leadership, or the famous and infamous alike do it for them. The former is then influenced and reliant upon the latter’s results. Because of this, they were ignorant to the fact that the foundation was very weak at best. After years of walking on the same foundation, they most likely think the little cracks, which is all they see if they see any, are nothing to worry about (blown off as semantics) and therefore is no reason to move to a more solid foundation.

If a person did take time to read Scofield’s notes for further explanation it was based on the presumed premise that the foundation was solid.

So unless those who have been taught this theory can step off of that inferior foundation and on to the only foundation that can never be destroyed, let alone have even the tiniest crack, they will always be standing on faulty ground when it comes to the subject of eschatology.

My intent of this book is to give you the simple to follow, straight and narrow path of what God’s Word says.

If you are in Christ, you need to keep in mind that truth never fears examination, neither should you fear acknowledging it.

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