Divorced Pastor Cyrus Ingerson Scofield

Public Domain

– Author of the Scofield Reference Bible

His divorce Decree posted online and transcribed:

Journal M, November Term,  A.D. 1883
8th day of December 1883

Leontine Scofield Plaintiff
C. I. Scofield Defendant

Now comes the plaintiff by her attorneys Tomlinson and Griffin and the defendant enters for appearance and files answer and makes no further appearance.

And thereupon this cause came on for hearing upon the pleadings and testimony and was argued by counsel upon consideration whereof the Court does find that the defendant has been guilty of wilfull abandonment of the plaintiff for more than one year prior to the commencement of this action.

It is therefore adjudged and decreed by the Court here that the marriage relation heretofore existing between the said parties be and the same is hereby set aside and wholly annulled and the parties wholly released from the obligations of the same.

It is further ordered and decreed that the custody nurture education and care of the said minor children Abigal Scofield and Helen Scofield be and the same is hereby given to the said plaintiff and the said defendant is hereby forever enjoined from interfering with or disturbing the said plaintiff in the custody care nurture and education of the said above named children until the further order of this Court.

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