John’s Thoughts on Our New Page: Is God’s Word Taking a Back Seat to Scofield’s?

Psalms Bible     Three years ago I posted the article from my wife Kathy, “No One Will Be “Left Behind”…But You Will Be Separated!” what follows is a complete revision in our new page, “Is God’s Word Taking a Back Seat to Scofield’s?” Kathy has refined the thoughts from the first article and has worked hard to put a sharper point on what is needing to be said about today’s so called ‘rapture’ theology.

Kathy has spent many an hour praying and searching the scriptures for understanding and where there was question, she came to me for clarification and assistance in editing. It is a study we both continue to grow in excitement as each question is answered. I fully support and agree with everything contained herein and believe you to can be edified by having a deeper, and more importantly, clearer understanding on this topic.

There continues to be an increase of discussion from several mediums surrounding eschatology. Each one claims to have all the answers but the one shouting the loudest at least here in the United States are those pointing to an imminent rapture of the saints, escaping a coming seven-year tribulation. As I have said previously, while Independent Fundamental Baptists have a great deal right, what we have learned throws a stick in the spokes of the wheel – that should not be ignored!

As my readers are aware, I have not ignored sin in the camp of Independent Fundamental Baptists (or ones so-called). Some who claim to be IFB are/were comparable to the emerging church’s liars, false teachers and false prophets, so we started on a trek to learn and question what we believe and why. Following the path of scripture, its timeline, being very conscious to avoid cherry picking verses, and paying closer attention to the beginnings of where and when doctrines were taught we came to the conclusions spelled out in this commentary.

Of related note, the man called the prince of Preachers, Charles Haddon Spurgeon has 53 different references of his using the word “rapture” or a form of it in all sermons I can find. I often quote Pastor Spurgeon (1834-92), because I know he was a man of great recognition in conservative and fundamental circles of Christianity  (Bio here).  The point? Words do mean something, in not one of the references in Spurgeon’s published sermons is there a hint of “rapture” meaning some sort of escape from persecution and trials. If the rapture was such an important and popular doctrine why is there not one reference to it from Spurgeon?  (More on Spurgeon’s eschatology) Our studies required us to step back from what we have been taught, putting it under the same scrutiny of scripture as we done with other doctrines.  We realize what we share here may not go over well with many who we call friend and brother/sister in Christ. Reader, are you willing to face the refiner’s fire? If you are one who believes the doctrine of the ‘rapture’  please approach it with the attitude that the truth never fears examination!

“Why, the lame among you would, at the joy of His appearance, leap like a hart and even the dumb might sing for joy! The Presence of the Master! What rapture! Come quickly! Come quickly, Lord Jesus!” (Spurgeon, 1864)

“To be embraced by those Divine arms—rapture begins at the very mention of it!”
(Spurgeon, 1859)

These quotes and others are what the word ‘rapture’ should mean to the Christian! May you find the joy and peace of mind we have found through the simplicity of God’s Word without all the confusing and complex teachings of prophecy taught today!

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Is God’s Word Taking a Back Seat to Scofield’s?

John A. Beardsley III
2 Cor 10:5 / 1 Pe 1:22

2 Corinthians 4:2
But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God.”



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