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Tebow Will Go To A Church That Toasts Communion But Not One That Preaches Against Sin?

So is Tebow saying homosexuality is OK? Or trying to ride the fence? Yesterday on Christianity Today by R. Albert Mohler  Tebow’s Big Fumble from Mohler’s article,

All that changed yesterday when Tebow, the National Football League’s most prominent evangelical symbol, sent word through Twitter that he was withdrawing from the event. His sudden announcement came after a whirlwind of controversy over his scheduled appearance at the Dallas church. Its senior minister, Robert Jeffress, is no stranger to public controversy. His sound bites are often incendiary, but his convictions—including the exclusivity of the gospel and the belief that homosexual behaviors are sinful—are clearly within the mainstream of American evangelicalism.

Maybe giving Tebow a big benefit of a doubt but having been the victim as Pastor Jeffress of the false accusation of being compared to the wacko extremist crowd out of Topeka, KS just maybe he fell for it?? If Tebow wants to play in the big league he needs to step up and take his bumps and bruises – I hope he will!

Last year I pointed out a compromise of Tebow going to Celebration Church where Pastor Joe Champion had unbelievers toast for communion Say It Isn’t So! Tebow at Celebration Church?
– Pastor Joe Champion Unbelievers “Toast” for Communion?

This takes me to one year ago April 24, 2011, Pastor Joe Champion on Easter said this: (Emphasis underline and bold mine) (The entire sermon still available online on Celebration Church’s iTunes site)

“…In the same way remember the Lord, observe the night…. 19th birthday with son… you are not in a relationship with him…but you will remember if someone is in relationship that you are to honor them your are to remember them right? Well if you have a relationship to God guess what? Communion is for us to remember what he did for us- only through relationship, so I want you to honor the Lord today, I want you whether you are a believer or not, at least you know what you can do, Lord I will toast you, I will toast you, I don’t understand it, but God I do thank you, whoever you are Lord however all this works I do believe there is something to you. Will you stand to your feet the ushers will let you out row by row…”

Pastor Champion directly violates the very principles of the Lord’s Supper by inviting unbelievers to partake. Then to flippantly motion as if making a toast in the worldly sense saying “…Lord I will toast you, I will toast you, I don’t understand it, but God I do thank you…”- the very sort of behavior the Apostle Paul warned about!

1 Corinithians 11:29 For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh damnation to himself, not discerning the Lord’s body.”

This is not Tebow’s first fumble!

One thought on “Tebow Will Go To A Church That Toasts Communion But Not One That Preaches Against Sin?

  1. I would not appear with Jeffress in that monstrosity he has built, but for different reasons, perhaps, than those ascribed to Tebow. Jeffress has shown himself to be a showman more than a preacher and his theology leaves much to be desired. He cried out for his “church” to raise lots of money for the new building, comparing its design to the then-new Dallas Cowboys stadium, saying that God’s people deserved better quality and higher standards than Jerry Jones gave them Cowboys. that man is no pastor.

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