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Wild Geese II? – Wild Goose Festival in NC June 21st – 25th 2012

I’m not talking about the poorly rated 1985 war movie Wild Geese II but something deserving of lower ratings, what I dub the Wild Goose Festival II being held this coming week June 21st – 25th 2012 at Shakori Hills, NC. Apprising Ministries drew attention to this growing cesspool of heresy with. Gay, Tattooed, And Generally Liberal Folk On The Emerging Wild Goose Chase and Outreach Report 6-23-2011: The Wild Goose Chase! – GCN “Gay Christian Network” documented with table at WGF and more.

Next, Truth with Snares brought attention to these wild geese of the Wild Goose Festival that some migrated west for the Soularize conference in San Diego in last October: Soularize – Wild Geese Migrate West And To The Far Left.

The saga continues with Wild Goose Festival II. The geese have returned and are flocking to their roost in Shakori Hills, NC (near Pittboro, NC for those looking on a map) with a similar line-up to last year. No surprises in the line-up I and ready for more honking, I mean furthering their compromising and pro-homosexual teachings. Here is the link to the festival coming this week: “The Wild Goose is a Celtic spirituality metaphor that evokes unpredictability, beauty, and grace. The festival resonates with this image because we recognize that in the current climate of religious and political division and lack of civility, embracing the creative and open nature of our faith is perhaps our greatest asset for re-building and strengthening our relationships with each other, with our enemies, with our stories, our questions, and the other. In that spirit, in an informal setting, and in the context of creative and respectful relationships, we invite you to imagine a new world with us.”

Speakers include (list from the WGF site): Dave Andrews, Leroy Barber, Scott Bass, Melvin Bray, Brian McLaren, Rita Brock, Shane Claiborne, Julie Clawson, Ian Cron, Sarah Cunningham, John Dear, Laura Dunham, Cathleen Falsani, Gareth Higgins, Peter Illyn, Philip Jackson, Nelson Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Logan Mehl-Laituri, Justin Lee, Nikole Lim, Carl McColman, Joel McKerrow, Tema Okun, Christian Piatt, Maurice Possley, Alexia Salvatierra, Frank Schaeffer, Alexander Shaia, Phil Snider, Anthony Smith, Jimmy Spencer, Mike Stavlund, Erin Swenson, Phyllis Tickle, Margot Starbuck, Tim Tyson, Joy Carroll Wallis, Jim Wallis, Pamela Wilhelms, Randy Woodley, Spencer Burke, Lisa Harper, Aljoise Knight, Chris Stedman, Mike King, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, Karla Yaconelli, Jennifer Knapp, Vincent Harding.

Many of these names above are part of a growing cesspool of heresy that includes the acceptance of homosexuality in the church as documented previously by Truth with Snares, Apprising Ministries, Deception in the Church and other discernment ministries that are interested in what the Bible has to say on the matter – Acts 17:11 as the Bereans. Versus scratching the itching ears with worldly and ungodly teachings,

2 Timothy 4:3-4,  “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;  And they shall turn away [their] ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”

Certainly this is after their own “lusts” with a dung heap of teachers!

Final comment, seeing the “big gun” name of Brian McLaren in the mix begs a question, does this mean McLaren fully gives his endorsement to the homosexual crowd? It is a question he has dodged a direct answer for some time as he shares yet another conference with those who see nothing incompatible in the homosexual lifestyle and living for Christ! McLaren is certainly not preaching against it!

So do we really need more? Like the never ending sagas of movies here comes, “Wild Geese III” (really Wild Goose Festival – West) as if the “Soularize” in San Diego was not enough! “…September on Labor Day Weekend (August 31st-September 2nd 2012) at the Benton County Fairgrounds (approximately 90 miles outside of Portland).” (Online Source)

Recently announced first lineup for the West Coast WGF: (more links to ministry site from names)

FATHER RICHARD ROHR is a Franciscan priest of the New Mexico Province.

ALEXIA SALVATIERRA is an ordained pastor [pastrix women pastors unbiblical] in the Evangelical Lutheran Church and a leader in the New Sanctuary Movement who is dedicated to protecting immigrants against human rights violations. She draws from over 30 years of experience in ecumenical, multi-faith and community ministry, community organizing and legislative advocacy…

BRIAN MCLAREN is an author, speaker, activist and public theologian. A former college English teacher and pastor, he is an ecumenical global networker among innovative Christian leaders.  His next book, Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha and Mohammed Cross the Road: Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World, will be published just as Wild Goose West is taking flight.

‘Pastrix’ NADIA BOLZ-WEBER, and RICHARD TWISS (From Online Source to speakers for WGF West)

– I am sure the flock will continue to grow as these “wild” birds come to a city near you!

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